Incorporating my continuing research into contemporary cultural studies, my practice is conceptually driven and media-flexible. Through the use of installations, interventions, photography, film, paintings, and performance, I seek to articulate stories of migration, self-translation, liminal identities, and conflicted narratives. These are utterings, deconstructions, hypothetical manifestations, and experiments within the realms of identity formation—and each re-asks the following: How does one become oneself amid social constructions? Who are the gatekeepers, and what is the nature of their authority? What might we loose? What do we stand to gain?



Aja a conceptual artist working out of Missoula, Montana. She is completing Masters Degrees in Fine Art and Art History while teaching classes in studio art and art criticism at the University of Montana. She has worked for Tippet Rise Art Center in 2016, the Headlands center of the Arts in 2013, and received her undergraduate degree in Postcolonial and Diaspora Studies in Literature from Sarah Lawrence College in 2011.

She is also the Moderator and facilitator of the Monthly Artist Lecture series, artTALK.

Additional Links:

University of Montana website

artTALK: Monthly Lecture Series at Shakespeare & Co.