EXHIBITION: “The Accumulation of Endlessness” at the UC Gallery


I am thrilled to announce that a solo Exhibition,

The Accumulation of Endlessness

will be at on display
the UC Gallery 
in the University Center at
University of Montana, Missoula MT

from Jan 23 to Feb 23
performance hours: Monday-Friday from 12-1 pm, daily.

Opening Reception: Thursday January 26, 4-6 pm
Artist Talk: Thursday January 26, 5 pm

the accumulation of endlessness

Washing is a tender forgetting. In a period of grief it became a compulsive gesture of self-preservation, offering small transformations from mess into stillness, wholeness, and the capacity for new purpose. Even in their selfishness, the rituals of healing expanded their bounds, assimilating the wounds and traumas of others alongside my own in an open and continuous process.

And yet, it accumulates: residue builds up and the tools wear away.

This work is a narrative, telling the story of a year in grief. It is also an act of healing, for myself and for all of us. As I wash away these traumas and memories; difficulties and shames; these stories and weight—I create space for new narratives to be written and released. And if it costs; if it is hard; then it is true.

Performance Monday through Friday from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM*


*The piece will be performed a guest artist on the following dates:

Tuesday, February 14th: Drew Davis
Wednesday, February 15th: Cassidy Schoenfelder
Thursday, February 16th: Bryce Peery
Friday February 17th: Paige Ward


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