Exhibit: “The Incarnate Poem” at the Zootown Arts Community Center

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STATEMENT:  In an art world that relies increasingly upon concept as a driving and validating force, we are seeking to reconsider the relationship between the art object and the word. In this collaboration between Visual Arts and Creative Writing, Nine artists will gather within the confines of the poem: “Poem as Spectator” by Julie Rouse, to create work in response to each line. Exhibited alongside the poem, the individual pieces will meet to reflect a wholeness of purpose as well as new approach to the relationship between text and material.

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FEATURING:  Julie Rouse: HERE   .  Crista Ames: HERE  .   Michael Hansen: HERE  .  Elizabeth Huhtala: HERE  .  Tressa Jones: HERE  .  Claire Melli: HERE  .  Tyler Nansen: HERE  .  Amy Petit  .  David Tarullo: HERE  .  Aja Mujinga Sherrard: HERE